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You’ve got a party or a date tonight and are looking for a Nail Salon that guarantees exceptional services at jaw-dropping rates. Our highly qualified nail technicians are fully equipped to provide you with professional services. Come by today or schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. We’re here for you.

  • Acrylic Solar Nails

Acrylic Solar Nail is the most durable form of nail enhancement. Recommended for those who constantly work with their hands. It is the most popular form of artificial nails due to its durability and low maintenance. 
+ Full sets and fill-ins are available.

+ White tips may be applied on request. 

  • Powder Gel (Clear and Shiny with Gel Top Coat)​​

Powder Gel is a lightweight and durable form of nail enhancement. It will keep nails shiny even without polish. Recommended for those who want a durable enhancement but do not like the look of acrylic nails. Powder Gel has a more natural appearance. 
+ Full sets and fill-ins are available. 

+ UV liquid gel and Powder Gel available. 

  • Pink & White (with Gel Clear Top Coat)

This style is the most popular due to its classy, clean and natural look.  Its non-yellowing formula is done in a double process with white and pink powder for the ultimate French manicure.

+ Full sets and fill-ins are available. 

  • Dipping Powder

Dipping powder is the newest nail technique on the market, rivaling gel and acrylic manicures in longevity and versatility.  A healthy alternative to Acrylic Nails: free of harsh chemicals, non-toxic, and odorless. Dipping powder nails are durable but gentle and lightweight. Applied without liquids or UV light. Infused with vitamins for healthy, long nails.

+ Available on natural nails, with tips, and manicure.

  • Gel Polish - Shellac

Gel polish is a new technology that combining the ease of polish with the durability of gel.

+ Available on natural nails with the manicure.

  • Ombre - Color Powder Gradient Created​​​​​

A technique of gradual blending of one color hue to another, usually moving from light to dark.  It has become a popular feature for nail arts.